49% Of People Would Take No Vacation Time For A Higher Salary

I love my vacation time (especially taking off on Mondays like the Garfield I am), but would I give it up for some more money? 49% of Americans said they'd glady take no vacation time for a higher salary. But the funny part is that they'd want a 48% increase in their salary to forgo vacation (but...
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LIST: Fortune Magazine Releases Top 100 Companies To Work For

Fortune Magazine dropped their "Top 100 Companies List". 91% of employees in these comapines describe their place of work as 'great', while the national average is only 57%. 84% 'look forward to coming to work' compared to the national average response of 42%. Hilton grabs the number one due in...
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What's Your Job? Is It Considered Dangerous?

Some dangerous jobs are obvious - policeman, fireman, military, some jobs you may not really think about too much, like high tension lineman, or underground cable workers that keep our lights on. This building is being painted on Prospect Avenue just around the corner from our studios in the Halle...
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