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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Embracing The Unique Child

Yesterday was my son Cooper’s 7th birthday. Getting the opportunity to celebrate birthdays at this age is a reminder of how quickly it all is gonna go. Yesterday, it was all about his beloved sloths; T-shirts, stuffed animals, coloring books, you name it. I don’t know why he has been so drawn to...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational (Winning Over Your Self-Inflicted Anxiety)

Anxiety is a very real thing, but how often is your anxiety self inflicted? You know what I mean, you lie awake in bed thinking about your looming to-do list, all the activities the kids need to be picked up and dropped off from, what's for dinner, who has appointments, homework, job deadlines...I...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational

How do you deal with conflict and how does it affect your anxiety? Personally speaking, I find out that the way I deal with conflict also affects my anxiety. How many unresolved relationships do you have in your life? If you’re like me, there are a bunch. When I say unresolved, I don’t mean getting...
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