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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When Work Just Doesn't Work

When your job doesn't make you happy, what do you do? You change your job description!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-I Wanna Know What Love Is

You've been loving wrong your whole life. Here's how to do it the right way!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Need More Risky Behavior

People say you need to take risks to grow, but what if you have no time or money to follow your dreams?
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why Do We Need Traditions?

Do you have traditions? Are they just for the holidays or year-round? Glenn explores the need to keep creating new ones!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Kindness Tree

When the family isn't getting along, sometimes a role reversal between the kids and parents makes it all good!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Power Of The Present

Stop living in your head and start living in the present!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Silencing The Noise

The sound of silence is not all its cracked up to be. Glenn shares his back to school thoughts.
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Maximize a Moment

Need help making the most of even the littlest moments? You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with very little time.
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Change Your Identity Without A Ski Mask

Wanna change your identity? For over 20 years, my identity was my job. I was a morning show radio co-host. I wrote funny songs. I even had another name, Glenn The Funny Song Man. In November of 2016, that identity was no longer as I got transferred to Star 102. Oh, I had other identities. I was...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Parenting Solved For $150 Dollars!

We recently installed security cameras in our house. No, we weren’t burglarized, we have what you may call kids with an overwhelming addiction to sugar. We are pretty clean eating parents, with a bin of candy from Halloween and various other holidays, and then healthier type chips that occupy...
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