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let it be

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Let It Be

Having good days and bad and doing nothing different from day to day? You're not alone
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glenn family

Glenn's Weekly Motivational - It's Thanksgiving Time!

Need an idea for the kids? Celebrate a holiday!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational - What Will You Do?

Everyone is stuck in the same house. How will you let this time define you?
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Planning Ahead!

Feeling anxiety and depression from the quarantine? This may help!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Letting Your Kids Fail

By protecting our kids, we are doing exactly the opposite of what we're trying to accomplish. Read on!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Living a Lie?

Stop living your perfect life on social media, and do it in real life instead!
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job happiness

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When Work Just Doesn't Work

When your job doesn't make you happy, what do you do? You change your job description!
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live in the moment

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Living In The Moment?

Where do you live the majority of your life, in the past, in the future, or the present?
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christmas cards

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Don't Worry About The Cards

You don't have to send Christmas cards this year. Here's why!
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live longer

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How Long Do You Wanna Live?

Wanna live longer? Small changes have big results!
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