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job happiness

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When Work Just Doesn't Work

When your job doesn't make you happy, what do you do? You change your job description!
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live in the moment

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Living In The Moment?

Where do you live the majority of your life, in the past, in the future, or the present?
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christmas cards

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Don't Worry About The Cards

You don't have to send Christmas cards this year. Here's why!
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live longer

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How Long Do You Wanna Live?

Wanna live longer? Small changes have big results!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Happy or Grateful?

Gratefulness versus happiness. What's the difference?
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-I Wanna Know What Love Is

You've been loving wrong your whole life. Here's how to do it the right way!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-That Parenting Manual Exists!

Think parenting is about your kids? You're wrong!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Need More Risky Behavior

People say you need to take risks to grow, but what if you have no time or money to follow your dreams?
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why Do We Need Traditions?

Do you have traditions? Are they just for the holidays or year-round? Glenn explores the need to keep creating new ones!
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parenting fails

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How to Fail At Parenting

Your golf game and your parenting game are essentially the same thing. Read on!
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