UH Rainbow babies and Children's Hospital

Richie Montgomery

Richie Montgomery: Rainbow Stories 2019

Nikki and her husband Richard were overjoyed to welcome their new son, but it was soon evident that he had some medical challenges ahead.
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Makenzie Nance

Makenzie Nance: Rainbow Stories 2019

In 2003 a beautiful baby girl was born to Nathan and Demeatrice Nance. They named her “Makenzie”. She looked healthy but to their surprise she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia.
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Noah: Rainbow Stories 2019

After being diagnosed with a form of cancer called Germ Cell at the age of 3 years old, Noah is now a healthy 11 year old who loves to play hockey.
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Henry Knapton

Henry Knapton: Rainbow Stories 2019

“Rainbow doesn’t stop until they have answers,” says Molly Knapton. At just five-years-old her son, Henry, has had to face more than most adults.
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Henry Amoroso

Henry Amoroso: Rainbow Stories 2019

Born at 23 weeks and just 1.5 pounds to parents suffering from addiction, Henry faced many challenges and uncertainties in his early days in UH Rainbow’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
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Gwen Ciccozzi

Gwen Ciccozzi: Rainbow Stories 2019

When Gwen was three months old, she was like any other baby, starting to play with her toys, moving around, etc. Her parents noticed she was predominantly using her left hand and thought she’d be left handed.
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Mintz Family: 2019 Rainbow Stories

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare, you deliver your sweet baby and discover there are complications. But things became even more frightening when mom, Jori Mintz, realized her own health was deteriorating quickly
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Cordelia Willets

Cordelia Willets: Rainbow Stories 2019

Cordelia Willets is a 6-year old from Cleveland Heights who doesn’t slow down for much.
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Kangas Family: Rainbow Stories 2019

Imagine going into labor at 28 weeks in an entirely different state
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Gerald "Jerry" Hazzard: Rainbow Stories 2019

Jerry was born at 26 weeks weighing only 2lbs. 8oz. Expected to live a few days, learn how Jerry fought to surpass all expectations.
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