Trader Joe’s is selling gingerbread turkey cookie kits for your Thanksgiving dessert

Gingerbread kits may be appropriate for the Christmas season, but Trader Joe’s is now making them for your Thanksgiving festivities. You can now buy a gingerbread turkey kit!
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Fowl Play: Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From a Poultry Expert

When exactly is the right time to start preparing the Thanksgiving fixings? A local poultry expert says right now. If you can, Dean Frankenfield of Godshall's Poultry in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market recommends picking up a fresh turkey. “You can tell by the skin if it's nice and moist and...
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Jen and Tim Call The Butterball Turkey Talk Line!

Ways to connect with Butterball this year: Text: Text 844-877-3456 beginning November 1 for instant expert advice at the touch of a button.§ Butterball.com Get Thanksgiving knowledge at your fingertips when you log on to Butterball.com to receive turkey advice, find savings, blogger tips and...
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New Survey Shows What The 2nd Biggest Thanksgiving Course Is After Turkey

When you think of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, turkey is front and center. Until now. Thanks to a new survey by Omaha Steaks, we are finding out there is quite a variety of main entrees being devoured across the country. 65-percent of people want an alternative main dish. What are the top...
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People Can't Get Their Mail Because Of Turkeys In Rocky River

The unsafe conditions caused by the birds has forced some residents to go to the post office to get their mail.
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