trump timmay

Trump Timmay: What Are The Two Gangs In "West Side Story"?

Save the date: Aldi’s advent calendars are coming November 6th. Advent is the season of preparation before what holiday which we LOVE here at Star 102? Christmas! Food Network star I-NAH GAR-TEN is working on a memoir. What show does Ina Garten host? Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef or Diners, Drive-...
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Trump Timmay: Which Celebrity Criminal Case Was Covered In Season 1 of American Crime Story?

1) Today is the first Preseason Game for the Cleveland Browns! Did the Cleveland Browns win a single regular game last year? YES! (7-8-1) 2) Later this year, Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu will be bundled for 12.99 a month! What’s going to be the name of Apple’s upcoming video on demand web television...
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Trump Timmay: The Baby Sitters Club Takes Place In What Town?

1) BH 90210 premiers tonight on Fox. Is the ORIGINAL Beverly Hills, 90210 an 80s show, 90s show or 2000s show? 90s show 2) The president of ABC mentioned they might consider spinoffs of Fresh Off The Boat and Happy Endings. Which show came first: Happy Endings or Fresh off The Boat? Happy Endings (...
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Trump Timmay: Name The First James Bond Movie

1) Actor Nico Tortorella will star in the upcoming third series in The Walking Dead franchise. The Walking Dead is about: a funeral home, zombies, or exercise? Zombies 2) OH-NO OA! The brilliant show ‘The OA’ got cancelled by Netflix! Which was one of these show was also cancelled after it’s second...
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Trump Timmay: Which Network Airs The 100?

Celine Dion is sporting a new bowl cut, check it out on the Jen and Tim Show facebook page. In bowling, what’s the term used to indicate that all of the pins have been knocked down in the first frame? Strike Baker Mayfield shotgunned a beer at the Cleveland Indians game this weekend. Which beer...
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Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: What's the Name of this Christmas Rock Hard Cake?

It’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Deck the halls, drink egg nog and be festive! You better start getting gifts together now before THIS crazy-shopping day the Friday after Thanksgiving… (Black Friday) This Friday at Kripsy Kreme, you can buy a dozen doughnuts and for ONE extra dollar get another dozen...
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