Krispy Kreme is Releasing 'Valentine Conversation Donuts' Which Look Like Sweethearts!

Sadly this year there won't be Sweehearts Candy (although the candy will be coming back in 2020). So to make up for it: Krispy Kreme is making their own 'Valentine Conversation Donuts'! Candy lovers: we have one sweet heart of a solution for you. Actually, make that a dozen. #ValentinesDay2019 pic...
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Sweethearts and Necco Wafers Will Still Be Produced In Ohio!

Sprangler Candy Company (based in Bryan, Ohio) has purchased the brands and equipment needed in order to make Necco wafers and Sweeharts (candy hearts). The New England Confectionery Company announced its bankrupcy and the candys were in danger of going extinct. It might take a couple months but...
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