star-garitas for the summer

Star-garita for the Summer: Easy Peasy Pina Colada Breezy

Coconut may be hit and miss, but it's always a hit with me! The Easy Peasy Pina Colada Breezy is a real good entry level into the world of pina coladas (Yes, there's a whole world). Ingredients: 1 shot of Tequila (make it 2 for a more advanced Pina Colada) 1 shot of triple sec a little bit of lime...
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Star-gartias for the Summer: Lake Erie Margarita

We're still sizzling for the summer, and so it's time to cool off with a trip to Lake Erie! The Lake Erie Margarita is both strong and tangy, plenty of things flowing together for one dark blue concotion! For this recipie I used a simple 'shot' standard: 1 shot of tequila 2 shots of blue curaco 1...
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