How To Cross At A Crosswalk

I park about 1/4 mile from work to save $7 a day - that's what it would cost to park outside of our building. During my walk I cross several streets and I run into the same issue every time. If there are several people coming from the opposite direction, they think we're playing a game of red rover...
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Protect Your Pets Paws From The Hot Concrete

I'm not going to post the photos I've seen of dogs that have injured paws from walking on hot concrete/asphalt because they're pretty gruesome. We have a patio that can get quite hot in the summer months and the dogs have to cross the patio to get to the grass. I normally throw a couple of pitchers...
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POOL SAFETY! Keep Your Kids Cool And Safe This Summer

Having a pool can make your house the most popular during the hot summer months. Be sure that your kids and friends are safe this summer by following some simple rules.
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Keep Your Pets Safe From Ticks This Summer

Whatever your remedy, please keep your pets and children safe this summer.
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Pet Safety Tips

Some great advice from the Cleveland APL: No matter your religion, it’s hard to pass up an adorable bunny-shaped treat this time of year. Not to mention, with springtime right around the corner, many of us take advantage of the nice weather to get some yard work done. But despite the many plans you...
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