These Plastic Bubble Pods May Be the Future of Restaurant Dining Amid Coronavirus

As restaurants wrestle with reopening amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a designer has invented a new see-through contraption that allows for safe, mask-free dining.
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Situation in North Italian restaurants because of Coronavirus...

Ohio Restaurants Re-Open Date Announcement Expected This Week

With the Moving in May initiative in Ohio, folks are anxiously awaiting news of when restaurants will be able to re-open. That announcement is expected to be said by Ohio Governor Mike Dewine this week.
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Pizzeria Reveals Shocking Bill for 46 Orders

The owner of Chicago Pizza Boss shared a troubling photo on social media that has consumers wondering where their money is really going when they order delivery from some of their favorite local businesses.
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2020 Shop 216

Shop 216: Cleveland Businesses That Are Open, Delivering Or Hiring

We're encouraging everyone to shop local, shop the land, SHOP 216 powered by our friends at Pinecrest , where East meets Best! It's no secret that we love Cleveland! We think the city is pretty darn cool. Local companies are a huge part of this city’s unique fabric - so we’re offering our support...
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Which Retail and Grocery Stores, Gyms, Restaurants Are Closing?

Every day, more and more stores, restaurants and gyms are announcing closures, cancellations or shifts in business practices. To keep everyone informed, RetailMeNot has curated a go-to list, below.
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Working Mom Receives $9 Paycheck After Bartending for More Than 70 Hours

A working mother from Texas shared a video that has gotten people talking about pay among waitstaff and bartenders. The mother received a $9 paycheck after bartending for more than 70 hours.
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Veteran's Day Food Deals And Freebies!

This Monday, November 11th, is Veterans Day and restaurants across the country will be honoring our heroes with free and discounted menu items. Here’s where veterans and active duty military personnel can score deals, just be sure to bring proof of military service since many of them require it...
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Creepy Or Cool? Restaurant Serves Death Row Inmates' Last Meals

The pop-up restaurant was called "Ningen Restaurant" which translates to "Human Restaurant."
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Best Patios In and Around Downtown Cleveland

Here are some of our favorite spots to hang out in and around downtown Cleveland!
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