happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on Halloween

QUIZ: Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear?

Take our quiz below to find out! You can also check out our favorite costume ideas for 2019 HERE .
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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Jen & Tim Show?

Let's see just how well you know the Jen & Tim Show! You can also take a look back at the Jen & Tim Show through the years here.
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valentines cover photo

QUIZ: Which Star 102 Host Should Be Your Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day from your friends at Star 102 Cleveland!
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Finish The Lyrics: Billy Joel Edition

How well do you know the music of Billy Joel? Take this quiz to find out!
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QUIZ: Are You More Like Jen Toohey Or Tim Richards?

Share your results with us on Facebook!
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Finish The Lyrics: Cher Edition

How well do you know the lyrics of Cher? Scroll down, take our quiz and find out!
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Christmas movie santa

TRIVIA: Holiday Movie Quotes

How well do you know your holiday movie quotes?
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christmas music

QUIZ: Finish That Holiday Lyric

We all know that you love Christmas music as much as we do at Star 102, but just how well do you know those favorites we hear every holday season?
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QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Memorial Day?

Sure you're celebrating this weekend, but how much do you really know about Memorial Day?
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QUIZ: What Celebrity Wedding Style Are You?

Take our quiz to find out?
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