Injured Puppy Could Use Your Help

Phoenix, the pit bull puppy, was only two months old when she arrived at the Cleveland APL through their Humane Investigations team. This sweet pup had suffered unimaginable pain—she had burns on close to 60% of her body that they suspect were caused by being placed into scalding water. It was...
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Can You Help The Cleveland APL Save This Kitten?

Steel is a sweet 6-month-old kitten who was found wandering in the front yard of a Good Samaritan. He was all alone, scared, and undweight, so his kind rescuer took him inside and called the Cleveland APL for help finding him a home. Little did she know that the act of bringing Steel to the APL...
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You Could Be A “Puptern” And Pet Puppies For $100 An Hour

If you love petting dogs, there’s a new paid internship opportunity just for you! Texas-based restaurant and dog park MUTTS Canine Cantina has posted to Instagram announcing that they’re looking for their first-ever “puptern” – that’s puppy intern. Basically, you’ll be paid to pet puppies at the...
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