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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Turning On The Light When Life Gets Scary

Life is scary, isn't it? No, I'm not talking scary movies or haunted houses, or even the dentist bill after Wednesday. I'm talking everyday life and the challenges we all face. I have a daughter in 5th grade, a son in 1st grade, and a pre-schooler. I was always under the impression that when they...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Living or Thriving?

The work week is hard isn't it? The days are a blur of labor mixed with routine, only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. What's the point of it all? When will the silver lining be more than the upcoming weekend? Whatever your situation, single, married, widowed, old, young or anyone...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational

Ever heard of the expression "Social Media Influencer?" What does it mean? Basically, it's someone who gets paid to tell you how great a product or service is. They are people who are paid to influence you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. Sometimes it's hard to tell that they're...
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