Glenn's Weekly Motivational-What Has Corona Taught You?

What has the last two months taught you?
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live longer

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How Long Do You Wanna Live?

Wanna live longer? Small changes have big results!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Power Of The Present

Stop living in your head and start living in the present!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Trouble With Networking

I can’t stand networking. In fact, I loathe it. I see people who network and it makes my skin crawl. A bunch of people throwing out their title, pretend to care about someone, just to get something out of them. “What’s in it for me?" Is the question most asked, and it automatically makes any...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Only Get What You Give

It's amazing how we can hear the same catchphrases over and over, yet it sits with you differently depending on your state of mind. Case in point, "You Only Get What You Give" is one of those phrases. Yeah, it was a New Radicals hit in 1998, but the words have begun to have deeper meaning to me...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Overcommitting Yourself!

How busy are you? I'm not asking you for a detailed list of everything you do in a typical day, but if you're like our household, your life falls into 3 categories: 1. What I have to do 2. What I feel I should do 3. What I want to do What I have to do are the usual routine things like your job,...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When Was The Last Time You Learned a New Skill?

When was the last time you learned a new skill? Or better yet, when was the last time you actually conquered a skill that previously brought you anxiety? For most of us, we execute our routine day after day and never look for the satisfaction of doing something different. The reasons could be...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Living Your Life By The Numbers

Do you ever stop and realize how much of our life is controlled by numbers? I mean, specific numbers. We strive to see that perfect number on our scales, on our paychecks, on our kid's sports medals..and it doesn't stop there. We fuel our inner egos by insisting that the greater the number, the...
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