5-Year-Old Girl Dies From Coronavirus, Becomes Michigan’s Youngest Victim

The youngest person claimed by COVID-19 in Michigan has died. Skylar Herbert lost her battle at only 5 years old and is now the state’s youngest victim.
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Kindergartener Invites Whole Class to His Adoption Hearing

In a packed courtroom filled with kids, one boy’s life was about to change forever. Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan was over the moon about his adoption day . He was so excited that he invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing, according to Good Morning...
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Glenn's Summer Daycation Idea #3-Comerica Park

Looking for a quick daycation with the family? Why not try Comerica Park? Comerica is in Detroit and my family had a wonderful time there. We were able to get very decent seats for about $20 a piece. They have incredible things to do there, like a carousel and a small baseball-themed ferris wheel...
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