KFC Chicken Yule Log Hits The Shelves And Immediately Sells Out!

Check this out -- KFC made a yule log which smells like their classic chicken! And it SOLD OUT! This is $19 well spent! Don't ya think? It's a log for your fire that smells like Original Recipe Chicken from KFC. Way to go, Colonel Sanders!!! https://t.co/b5Gu33Lqom pic.twitter.com/wbxEl8LYB2 —...
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KFC Debuts Chicken and Waffles Alongside Hilarious Commercial With Mrs. Butterworth

Extra crispy chicken, Belgian waffles and Mrs. Butterworth syrup have mixed together for some seasonal Chicken and Waffles. Check out the celebratory ad which features Col. Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth doing some classic 'Dirty Dancing'. Video of KFC | Dance Is The Hidden Language Of The Stomach |...
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Update: Someone Named Their Kid After Colonel Sanders For $11K

Recently KFC offered to donate $11,000 in college tuition to the first baby named Harland born on September 9th, 2018. It was a promo to honor Colonel Harland Sanders’ birthday, which is September 9th and of course, the 11-grand is for the chicken company’s 11 herbs and spices. Well, they have a...
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KFC Debuts Pickle Flavored Chicken

It seems like pickles just won't quit this week on the Jen and Tim Show! Kentucky Fried Chicken (also known as KFC) says it's putting pickle fried chicken on the menu nationwide starting June 25th - this upcoming Monday! I've got a new flavor coming, and you're never going to guess what it is,...
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