How To Burn Off Your Halloween Candy Calories

We hate having to post this informative news about how to burn off these candies...but it's too late! Here's how to cancel out your candies: Fun size Milky Way - Platkin calculates that you’ll need to spend 27 minutes getting ready for your night out by doing your hair, putting on makeup, and...
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Petition Seeks To Create A “National Trick Or Treat Day"

Do you wish Trick or Treating was on a Saturday every year?
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6 Tips for Finding a Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Coming up with a last-minute costume is truly one of the most frightening things about Halloween. Panic mode can really set in once you realize even Amazon won’t be able to deliver that ubiquitous “Joker” costume in time. But fear not , there are still a few easy and affordable ways to pull off a...
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Bad Mom Or Not? How Scary Is Too Scary A Movie For My Kid?

My son has been begging me to watch a scary movie for over a year. And he doesn't want Goosebumps or Goonies and it can't be like Stranger Things or Umbrella Academy. Nope, he wants a full on scary scary movie. Like IT or Friday the 13th. He wants one of those horror flicks you and I grew up with...
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Northeast Ohio Trick-or-Treat Times 2019

Check out the dates and times for trick-or-treat events across northeast Ohio.
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Funny sister wearing Halloween costume scaring brother with hand cookie

LIST: Google's Top 10 Halloween Costumes For 2019

There are only a couple of weeks left until Halloween and if you don’t want to look like everyone else this holiday season you may want to listen up. Google just came out with their annual list of the most-searched Halloween costumes this season and there are some definite favorites this year...
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What's With The Teal Pumpkins?

You've probably seen them in a craft store or maybe decorating a neighbor's front porch, but what exactly is a Teal Pumpkin and why are you seeing them more and more? I didn't used to know either, until my son was diagnosed with a peanut and tree nut allergy. Now, I'm what you might call an...
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Aldi Debuts 'Spooky Cheeses' For Halloween Season

Maybe you do Halloween parties, or perhaps you just love cheese. Either way, take a look at some of the upcoming Aldi Halloween themed cheeses coming on October 16th: Freaky Franken - The mild "Derby cheese is infused with dried sage, so it’s green to match the monster and it’s Frankenstein...
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Scared man watching horror movies at night

Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween Schedule

Whether you prefer your Halloween movies to be macabre fun or frightful bone-chillers, Freeform has you covered this October.
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happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on Halloween

QUIZ: Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear?

Take our quiz below to find out! You can also check out our favorite costume ideas for 2019 HERE .
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