5 Reasons To Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

The National Institutes of Health said it best: most people who share their beds with pets experience more benefits than drawbacks from the practice. As it turns out (and as I've been saying for years), cuddling in bed, or at least just sharing a bed, with your dog is not just cute and comfy... it...
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Dog Genius

Scientists Suggest Dogs Aren't That Smart, Internet Decides Scientists Are The Worst

Study claims dogs are not that "exceptional"
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Netflix Knows What You Want: A Documentary Series About Dogs

Maybe the best thing ever to happen to Netflix
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Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Make sure to enter your furry friend in the Pet Costume Contest at Crocker Park’s Halloween Celebration Tricks & Treats at 12:30pm for just $5 to benefit the Cleveland APL!
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City Dogs Cleveland Is At Full Capacity; Spread The Word!

City Dogs Cleveland is at full capacity with over a 100 dogs ready to be adopted. The adoption fee is $61 bucks which includes microchip, the county license, spray, neuter/basic vaccinations. City Dogs Cleveland is open from Monday through Saturday from 10 to 3 p.m. and Sundays from 12-2 p.m. The...
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Must Be Bored. Polishing Your Cat's Nails To Match Yours. Don't.

I've seen photos on my Facebook page of people polishing their cats nails to match theirs. Please know that you should NOT use just any polish on your pet. Products for human use are just that - for human use and can react very differently on your cat. This is my cat, Tiger. We prefer the natural...
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Why Dogs & Humans Love Each Other So Much

What began as a mutual-services contract between two very different species became something much more like love.
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Vote For Your Favorite For The Cleveland APL Calendar

One of my favorite things to do is to look at all the adorable submissions for the Cleveland APL Calendar. There are so many adorable pets it's hard to choose the winners. So hard in fact, the Cleveland APL would like YOU to help them decide. Vote for Your Favorite Photo for the 2019 Pet Calendar...
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The Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon Is Happening Now

Tune in to WKYC Channel 3 today, Thursday, May 31, for the seventh annual Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon! They will be on the air from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., sharing incredible stories about the diverse and meaningful work the APL does to rescue, heal, nurture, adopt, and advocate for animals in need. You...
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Does Your Dog Get A Special Haircut For Summer?

Butters has so much fur, and she was just miserable and it's not even summer yet!
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