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Desiray is a life-long Clevelander and actually "WON" her start in radio! There was a contest where a morning show was searching for a cohost and they were on the hunt to add a talented Clevelander. Des was a single mom of two beautiful daughters (they were just 2 and 4 years old at the time) working as a waitress. She applied for the job, did an on-air audition and the listeners voted for her to win the job. Eventually Des came to WDOK in 2002 and has been here ever since. In addition, Des onced owned a coffee shop in North Royalton for a few years - "The Coffee Garden" maybe you enjoyed some of her delicious coffee, bakery or homemade dishes! She's also a published author, has a houseful of pets and, like most of Cleveland, loves to cook! Her husband Alan says she's the best cook in Cleveland -- and we believe him! She has two beautiful daughters, Andrea and Lillian, who are on their own and her handsome son, Thomas, attends University of Akron (close enough for mom to visit with homemade meals!) If ever you're at a charity event for kids, animals, homeless or breast cancer (Des' mom is a survivor) you'll probably see Des there - she emcees several events throughout the year.

Join Des, Jen & Tim as they host Cleveland's Finest Hors D'Oeuvre Contest April 11th. Get more information and tickets here.