Matt Hribar

Matt Hribar was always destined to entertain, whether he was in grade school plays, international slam poetry competitions or being part of the Star 102 team. Matt graduated from St. Ignatius and John Carroll University with a double major in Communications and Sociology. In his free time, Matt writes, DJs weddings, lifts weights and adventures into Cleveland and beyond.

Where are some of your favorite places to go in Cleveland? Barrio for tacos and margaritas, Punch Bowl Social to be social, Townhall for veggie burgers, Porco's for pina coladas...the list is growing by the day. I do love a good trip to one of our many museums, concerts at the Q, House of Blues and Beachland Ballroom.

What are some of your favorite artists? Lady Gaga is my pop epitome, she can do no wrong! Rihanna, Foster The People, Sia and Kendrick Lamar are also in that top echelon, but my favorite artist ever in Norwegian award-winning pop award Susanne Sundfor.

If you could design a fragrance what would it be called and how would it smell? ​Well right now, I would call my fragrance, 'Danger' and it would smell like a smoky bonfire with hints of mint and saltwater wind. 

What is your favorite quote: ​​'Man wonders but God decides when to kill the Prince of Tides', from my favorite book, The Prince of Tides. But common catchphrases of mine include, 'peace out', 'peace out cubscout', 'I see you' and 'I'm shook'

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