Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Need More Risky Behavior

People say you need to take risks to grow, but what if you have no time or money to follow your dreams?
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Glenn Made This Ball Storage Unit And So Can You!

Sports balls all over the garage? Glenn made this simple ball storage unit, and so can you!
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Popular Trader Joe’s Items People Resell On Amazon

Here are the items you're most likely to find being resold on Amazon!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why Do We Need Traditions?

Do you have traditions? Are they just for the holidays or year-round? Glenn explores the need to keep creating new ones!
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donna summer

Glenn's Review of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

Check out Glenn's really honest review of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical going on now at Playhouse Square
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shoe rack

Glenn Built This Garage Shoe Rack And So Can You!

Glenn gives you all the plans to make this super simple shoe rack for your garage!
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parenting fails

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How to Fail At Parenting

Your golf game and your parenting game are essentially the same thing. Read on!
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This Bar is charging by the hour, not by the drink!

One bar is charging by the hour, not by the drink. Read on!
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Your Purpose Versus Your Calling

What's the difference between your calling and your purpose?
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Americans Have A Favorite Room For A Surprising Reason

It's no surprise you have a favorite room in your house, but why is shocking!
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