cedar point

Cedar Point Opens "Ticket of A Lifetime" Registration

Cedar Point's "Ticket of A Lifetime" will let 25 people get free admission and parking to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterparks for the rest of their lives.
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whitney houston

First Look: Whitney Houston Hologram In Action

A holographic Houston will embark on a European Tour that will go from February to April in Europe. US dates are expected to follow.
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Cedar Fair Sets Attendance Record; 40% Season Pass Increase At Cedar Point

Cedar Fair President and CEO Richard Zimmerman shared the news that attendance increased 8% to 27.9 million guests in 2019 across 11 amusement parks and four waterparks. Among that is Cedar Point and Kings Island.
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Passengers Throw In-Flight Baby Shower for Couple Flying Home with Adopted Newborn

Dustin and Caren Moore were in for a surprise when they brought their new daughter home for the first time – and it wasn’t just in-flight refreshments. See the details.
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Man Asks for $750,000 in Donations for High School Reunion

One man felt that in order to sufficiently plan and throw his ten-year reunion, he needed donations amounting to $750,000. See the outraged reactions here.
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Myles Garrett Has Been Reinstated By The NFL

Yesterday, (Wednesday 2/12), the Browns got the news that Myles Garrettt is reinstated by the NFL.
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Researchers Detect Mysterious 'Radio Bursts' in Space That Repeat Every 16 Days

A mysterious radio signal that occurs at fixed intervals has been detected in outer space. Researchers discovered a series of "fast radio bursts," brief pulses of radio waves, that occurred in a fixed pattern every 16.35 days, reports CNN . During each interval, the burst would be detected about...
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Siba the Poodle Fetches Top Prize at Westminster Dog Show

This is paws-itively adorable. The 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show named its newest Best in Show. Siba, a standard poodle, took home the prize. While Daniel the golden retriever was a clear fan favorite at the Madison Square Garden, Siba managed to fetch the top honor at the Tuesday night...
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Taco Bell Apologizes for Controversial Storefront Sign

Taco Bell is issuing an apology after a controversial sign. Yahoo ! reported that a customer saw a sign calling out employees who were late for work. The message was discovered at a restaurant located in Fairlawn, Ohio. A picture of the controversial sign was posted on Facebook by Paula Duhon Boss...
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The Reason So Many Young People Are Putting Off Marriage

Why are so many young Americans putting off marriage? According to research, 37% of young adults are postponing the milestone because they’re in debt. The poll, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Laurel Road, sought to gain insight into the relationship dynamics and financial habits of 1,000...
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