The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 'Corpse Flower' Blooms for the 4th Time In 25 Years

The Titan Arum plant at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo bloomed. And with that bloom comes with a 'death-like smell' that lasts for about 24 hours. The zoo encourgaes people to come to the Rainforest on Wednesday (today) from 10-5pm. Check out the live stream happening right now: Video of Cleveland...
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Great Lakes Science Center Is Free For 2-12 Year Olds This Upcoming Monday!

Next Monday, August 12, the Great Lakes Science Center is going to be free for children ages 2-12 from 10am-5pm. There's going to be events such as an energy demonstration, NASA's chief scientist talking about the moon and even a 'trip to space'! Originally reported by Channel 5.
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Cleveland Connection

Sue DeMay: Meet the Woman Bicycling Across Ohio With Her Son

The DeMay's are biking across Ohio to raise Alzheimer’s awareness along with funds for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s research efforts towards a cure.
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Checkin' The Cleveland Scene With Andrew Zelman - August 2nd 2019 Edition

We know just listening isn't enough so click on over to the Cleveland Scene Magazine website to soak in the details!
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Trevor Bauer Says Farewell To Cleveland

Take a look below: Thank you, Cleveland. pic.twitter.com/OJ4mxCKbq4 — Trevor Bauer (@BauerOutage) August 1, 2019
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Great Scott Tavern Stops By With New Menu Goodies!

You know how much we love some Great Scott Tavern! They brought over some hot dishes, get the details at their website: https://www.greatscotttavern.com/
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Ohio's Tax Free Weekend Starts Tomorrow; August 2nd-4th

Did you know that the average family spends $700 on back to school material? More shockingly, college shoppers spend about $975 on average! Well that's part of the reason Ohio is having their tax-free weekend. Clothing items less than $75, school supplies and materials $20 or less will be tax...
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49% Of People Would Take No Vacation Time For A Higher Salary

I love my vacation time (especially taking off on Mondays like the Garfield I am), but would I give it up for some more money? 49% of Americans said they'd glady take no vacation time for a higher salary. But the funny part is that they'd want a 48% increase in their salary to forgo vacation (but...
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Trevor Bauer Traded To Cincinnati; Cleveland Receives 4 Players Including Yasiel Puig

Trevor Bauer was traded last night to the Cincinnati Reds.
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