Glenn Anderson

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Kindness Tree

When the family isn't getting along, sometimes a role reversal between the kids and parents makes it all good!
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nacho supreme

Taco Bell Testing Out Nacho Party Packs!

Last week Taco Bell took nachos off of their menu. Could this be the replacement?
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Power Of The Present

Stop living in your head and start living in the present!
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PHOTOS:Glenn's First Trip With His Mom In 20 Years!

The last time my mom was on a vacay was in the year 2000. My grandmother had passed a few years earlier and we wanted to get her mind off of things. Since then, she has developed a fear of travel. This past weekend, Madelyn and I took her to vist my sister and brother in law in D.C. We had so much...
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Easy Things You Can Do To Brighten Someone's Day

Brightening someone's day doesn't have to be hard. Here are some simple ways to do it!
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pumpkin fall

Costco Is Selling a 4 Pound Pumpkin Pie

Attention Costco lovers: Costco is carrying a nearly FOUR-pound pumpkin pie. If you weren't excited for Thanksgiving before, I'll assume that I just created a small frenzy of warmth inside of you. The 3.62 pound pie measures a foot in diameter and will feed your entire Thanksgiving crew—and then...
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haunted mansion

Target Has Haunted Mansion Cookie Kits For Fall

Forget ginger bread houses, Target has a haunted mansion you can make with the family!
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cleaning supplies

LIST: America's Favorite Songs To Clean To

Sure, nobody likes to clean, but a new survey says these are the songs that will motivate you!
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taco bell

WOW! Taco Bell is Eliminating These 9 Menu Items

You won't believe the items that Taco Bell is getting rid of!!
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glenn kids

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Silencing The Noise

The sound of silence is not all its cracked up to be. Glenn shares his back to school thoughts.
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