glenn playroom

Glenn's Amazing Playroom Transformation

Check out the transformation of Glenn and Steph's playroom!
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Smart Speaker

My Smart Speaker Can Do What? Episode 4: Exclusive Deals!

Glenn shows you how to find the most incredible Amazon Prime deals at the moment, just by using your voice!
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motivational quotes, weekly anecdotes

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Maximize a Moment

Need help making the most of even the littlest moments? You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with very little time.
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Glenn's Really Honest Theater Review Of Come From Away At Playhouse Square

Steph and I got to see Come From Away last night at Playhouse Square. It's the true story of 7,000 stranded airline passengers and the small town of Gander, Newfoundland that welcomed them on September 11th, 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked. 38 airplanes had to be diverted to Gander...
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Plain White T's Meet & Greet At Liberty Rocks

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My Smart Speaker Can Do What? A Weekly Glenn Blog 6-26-19

So, you got a smart speaker, that's great! You probably already know it will tell you the time or weather forecast. Of course, it plays Star 102 very obediently, as well. The purpose of this weekly series is to let you know some of the things that your device does that you may not be aware of. This...
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Guys, Listen Up!

So, those of you that know me and read my blogs know that a lot of what I talk about comes from me having an epic fail, learning from it, and trying to help others. I'm not naturally smart, I screw up to be. With that being said, I had an epic fail this weekend. Steph had a conversation with me...
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PHOTOS:Glenn Goes To Portland, Maine

Got the opportunity to spend some time with my Steph, my sister, and brother in law in Portland, Maine for Portland Wine Week. Our first time time. Got to try out many restaurants, eat lobsta, and check out the wonderful waterfront and lighthouses. Thanks so much for checking out my pics!
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Chris Pratt's Birthday Is Today So Here Are A Bunch Of Photos Of Him

Happy birthday, Chris Pratt!
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10-Year-Old Documents Every Dog He Pets

So there's this kid, his name is Gideon and he has THE BEST HOBBY EVER . Gideon and his mom started documenting, listen to this, EVERY SINGLE DOG HE PETS. They've been doing this for at least three years which means Gideon has pet a LOT of dogs. First of all, I am jealous. Second of all, what a...
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