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Local Atlas Cinemas Offering Private Auditorium Rentals

Atlas Cinemas has a new special - private auditorium rentals available to the public. Friends and family will be able to rent a theater to play a movie of their choice for a private screening. They’ll accommodate groups of up to 10 for $50, and groups of up to 25 people for $100. The groups should... Read More
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Trump Toohey: What's The State Insect of Ohio?

1. Airline bookings are starting to tumble as spikes of the Coronavirus continue throughout the country. All we need you to do is name any airline company. Lots of options 2. Gavin Rossdale is looking back on his marriage to Gwen Stefani. In a new interview with “The Guardian,” the rocker calls... Read More
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Tasty Tuesday’s 3 B’s: Beer, Burger King and Bubble Tea

Let's talk Beer, Burger King and Bubble Tea! 3 new Tasty Tuesday items worth a try: Trader Joe's Announces 4 New Beer Flavors Hitting Shelves In September : Cookie Butter Beer Coffee Peanut Butter Porter, which is made with a peanut butter powder Ginger Beard Spiced Stout, which was inspired by... Read More
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Trump Toohey: What Is The Big Boy Mascot Holding In His Right Hand?

1. Just in case you need another reason to indulge in America’s favorite candy, today is National Chocolate Day. All we need you to do is name any chocolate candy bar. Lots of Options (Hershey's, Snickers, Twix, to name a few) 2. "Dead To Me" will be back for its 3rd and final season. There has... Read More
The Three Stars of Dead to Me speak at SAG NOM COMM at Netflix Home Theater

Netflix Show "Dead to Me" is Ending After Season 3

"Dead To Me" will be back for it’s 3rd and final season on Netflix. The creator of the show, Liz Feldman, is now in a multi-year partnership with Netflix to create more original series and work on other projects. "Dead To Me" stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini and James Marsden. There has... Read More