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Holiday Shipping Deadlines & Information

The following are for US shipping. International shipping (and shipping to Hawaii and Alaska) might differ. Amazon: Dec. 14: Last day for free shipping by Amazon Dec. 18: Standard shipping Dec. 22: Last day for free delivery with Amazon Prime Dec. 23: One-Day delivery USPS: Dec. 14: USPS Retail... Read More
Christmas Trump Toohey Logo

Trump Toohey: What Kind (Species) Of Bird Is Big Bird?

1. The KFC Chicken log is back. It’s available at Wal-Mart, although they are currently sold out. Back in June of this year, KFC combined chicken with this cheesy crunchy snack to make a limited time sandwich. Cheetos 2. The Browns beat the Bengals yesterday 27-19 at First Energy Stadium. How many... Read More

Maroon 5 & More On Acoustic Sunrise December 8, 2019

Acoustic Sunrise can be heard on The Coffee Shop on 102.1 HD2 , the HD2 channel for WDOK during the holiday season! The Acoustic Sunrise is your weekly escape featuring great music and great vibes. Every Sunday morning you’ll hear a great mix of unplugged, stripped down and exclusive live... Read More
Richie Montgomery

Richie Montgomery: Rainbow Stories 2019

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Nikki had an ultrasound that caused concern. As a precaution, she delivered her son Richie by a scheduled c-section. Nikki and her husband Richard were overjoyed to welcome their new son, but it was soon evident that he had some medical challenges ahead. Immediately... Read More

Noah: Rainbow Stories 2019

As a nurse at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center, Michelle Petrie is used to dealing with medical concerns. That training came in handy in July 2010 when she noticed a strange bump on her son's tailbone. She took three-year-old Noah to UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. After... Read More
Makenzie Nance

Makenzie Nance: Rainbow Stories 2019

On October 23, 2003 a beautiful baby girl was born to Nathan and Demeatrice Nance. They named her “Makenzie”. She looked healthy but to their surprise she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. Since then Makenzie’s pathway to becoming a healthy child has been challenging but conquerable. For any... Read More
Henry Knapton

Henry Knapton: Rainbow Stories 2019

“Rainbow doesn’t stop until they have answers,” says Molly Knapton. At just five-years-old her son, Henry, has had to face more than most adults. Born with a compromised immune system, Henry also copes with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), a rare, chronic autoimmune disease. When it’s not controlled... Read More