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What I Want For Father's Day, By Glenn Anderson

June 12, 2018

As a dad to 3 beautiful kids, I get asked this time of year what I want for Father's Day.  Like a rite of passage, my kids start asking, my wife starts asking, my mom gives me a list of things to pick from.  At times it feels forced, like the date is looming and it's one more thing on everyone's to-do list.  I am approaching things differently this time and really thinking about the awesome task that I have been blessed with.  Being someone's DAD. 

I never took being a dad lightly, because I did not have one growing up.  He left when I was very young and my mom raised me to be sensitive and generous and to never fight.  Sometimes I am thankful to have so many feelings, other times I wish I had a dad to toughen me up at times when I need to be strong for my family.  Being a dad for the last 10 years has been eye-opening.  There were times I thought I had it figured out.  Other times I wanted to give up because I was overwhelmed and had no patience.  It has been a journey and I'm so glad I have my faith in God to help me persevere during the dark times because one of the coolest things about going through dark times, is the joy that comes from seeing the light.  His light.  I notice when I put forth the effort, my kids see it and appreciate it.  Now, they all still misbehave, they argue, they fight, at times I think I do too much for them, other times, not enough.  I constantly doubt myself and if I'm good enough to parent one of them let alone 3.  As a dad, I doubt my efforts, am I making a difference?  If I yell too loudly at them, will they run away and hate me?  People tell me all my doubts mean that I must be doing something right.  I don't know if I am, but I know I will never give up on them.  No matter how rough things get, I will be there for them, to listen to them, offer advice, hold my daughter when she experiences her first breakup, encourage my sons to treat their friends with compassion and how to sink a 3 pointer. 

So, what do I want for Father's Day?   A few things.  I want continued patience, I want more experiences with my kids, I want support from friends and family when I am faced with a dilemma.  I want more time before they grow up and leave the house.  I want more pictures of us all smiling.  I want more recordings of their little voices so I can listen to them forever.  Oh, and I also need a new lawn trimmer and blower from Home Depot.  Happy Father's Day :)