5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

August 6, 2018

Yes - it's here! Time to find the perfect gown for your big day and you could not be anymore excited! As eager as you are to begin your shopping journey, there are a few things you need to note when it comes to hittin' the boutiques.

VIPS only. Seriously, only include friends and family members whose opinions you trust and value. Some people – no matter how close you are – may try to take control, sway your opinion, discourage you or make your day more stressful.

Budget for EVERYTHING. What’s on the tag of the dress doesn’t mean that’s your end game. We’re talking veils, tiaras, necklace, earrings, garter, shoes, alterations and everything else in between. When planning your budget, include all these hidden costs that are easy to forget.

It’s what’s underneath that counts. Literally. Planning to wear Spanx? A strapless bra? Pasties? Be sure to bring them – or at least something similar – to the store with you so you can get an idea of what the full ensemble will look like.

Keep your head up. If you don’t love the first, second, third or fiftieth dress you try on, that’s okay! Find one you love. When you know, you know.

Book your appointments! There will be nothing worse than showing up to a store eager to try on dresses only to find out that they’re booked and can’t let you in. Call ahead!

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