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Wanna Try Something Different For Dinner? Why Not Try Marble Eggs?

June 14, 2018

Hey guys, so if your house is like mine, you keep running out ideas for dinner and then someone blurts out "Why don't we have breakfast for dinner?"

Ahh yes, brilliant, but how do you change it up?  Simple, you make marble eggs.

I came across the recipe and it's actually quite simple and looks amazing so your kids will eat it. I get my eggs from the Sunoco station at the corner of Columbia and Sprague in Olmsted Falls.  Not only is that the place where you get the world famous gas station hummus, but they sell these amazing farm eggs that you ask ther owner for and he goes in the back to get them.  I've never tasted an egg like this.  So rich and creamy.

Anyways, here's how you make them:

Warm a pan up and add some butter to coat.  When it gets foamy, crack the eggs directly into the pan.  I recommend 2 per person.  

Gently poke the yolks and swirl the egg whites and yolks together.  Don't overdo it 

Let the bottoms form and gently flip over in sections.  they look like white and yellow scrambled eggs and they are beautiful.  Before things are formed I add a bit of coffee creamer and salt and pepper. 

Top with whatever and serve with whatever.  My kids loved them and yours will too.  Not reinventing the wheel here, but just a different take on a breakfast or dinner staple   Enjoy!