3 Ways You Can Help Northeast Ohio's Lakes, Rivers & Streams

April 12, 2019

1. Ditch the plastic straws! In our country alone, we throw out about 5 million straws each and every day. FIVE MILLION A DAY! I am not good at math by any means but, that is a pretty big number and in an area like NEO alone, it's scary. Not only are they considered pollution, they're dangerous to animals on land and in the water. Those poor little walleyes and ducks. :( Skip the plastic straws as often as you can and be sure to say thank you to local restaurants who no longer even give them as an option.

2. Buy a cute multi-use bag so you can give up paper and plastic for GOOD when you go shopping. Places like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Marc's and Heinen's sell bags that are *super cute* so you'll not only feel eco-friendly using them, you'll feel trendy AF too. This means that there will be less plastic bags ::cue Katy Perry:: drifting through the wind, waanting to start again. 

3. Double check your skin care regime. Oh great, like we don't have enough to worry about what goes into our moisturizer and face wash already! You know those cute facial scrubs you get, the ones that smell fantastic? Or the morning soap that has those massaging little microbeads? Yeah, quit using them! I've read that even just one container of something like that can contain hundreds of thousands of plastic beads just asking to do damage to our waterways.