Throwback Board Games Are Here To Make Game Night Even Better

August 7, 2018

Target... how great thou art! From home decorations to $5 bottles of wine and everything in between, our favorite store has it all!

According to our friends at Country Living, their ever-growing list of must-haves just expanded into the world of throwback board games! No, we're not talking Monopoly or Boggle... we're talking Brady Bunch trivia and Golden Girls fun! 

And yes, these games will pair well with Target's line of affordable wine.

Here's a glimpse of what will be hitting shelves at a Target near you:

  • The Golden Girls 'Any Way you Slice It' Game
  • MacGyver: The Escape Room Game
  • The Brady Bunch Party Game
  • Superfight Game: The 90's Deck
  • The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley Game

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