Matt Nathanson To Bring New Music, Passion To Cleveland

August 10, 2018

Ron Elkman-USA TODAY Sports


Truth be told, I was late to the Matt Nathanson party. I was 13 at the time that American Wedding came out so I didn't get the chance to hear his cover of James' “Laid” for a few more years.

Sure, a cover used on a movie soundtrack isn’t the most ideal way to fall in love with an artist’s music, but it’s my story and I’m glad it is.

In college, once I finally was able to watch the rated-R flick and hear the soundtrack, I added “Laid” to every iTunes playlist I had at the time. Study sessions, workout mixes, pregame jams. Whenever I’d hear the strums of the guitar, my mood would instantly lift and I quickly realized that I needed to dive into Matt’s extensive repertoire of music.

The most recent album Matt had released at that time was Some Mad Hope, so that is ultimately where my adventure with him began. With songs including “Come On Get Higher,” “Still” and “To The Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts,” this album had me sold.

What came next was what felt like a rapid-fire release of new albums, allowing me fall more and more in love with his lyrics and talent with each and every song.

Modern Love gave us songs like “Faster,” “Modern Love,” “Room @ The End Of The World,” “Kiss Quick” and “Drop Hold To You,” all of which obviously secured a spot in my long list of favorites. Last of the Great Pretenders came next and was the soundtrack of my first summer as a post-grad. With songs like “Kinks Shirt” and “Heart Starts,” this album got me through the ups and downs of job interviews as well as the mixture of the pain and excitement that came with growing up. Show Me Your Fangs, his most recent original album, came in 2015 and left me anxious for his next release. “Headphones,” “Shouting” and “Gold In The Summertime” were upbeat hits that reminded me of the love I felt for Matt when I first heard “Laid.”

Matt's earlier albums -- Please, Ernst, Not Colored Too Perfect, Still Waiting for Spring and Beneath These Fireworks -- may have been heard by many before I finally stumbled upon his music, but I am happy it took me as long as it did. 

I’ve always been a music addict but, now that I am older, my addiction has turned into more of a hobby and a lifeline. Matt’s music brings me inspiration, it reminds me of how far I’ve come in the past decade and, all in all, it makes me happy.

Earlier this summer, he proudly wore his heart on his sleeve with the release of his E.P. titled Pyromattia, an homage, if you will, to his favorite band, Def Leppard.

With a post about Pyromattia on social media, he illustrated just how much of his heart he poured not only into the E.P, but into everything else he has done. It reads:

if you've been paying attention to my posts this week you’ve probably figured out that i LOVE the band @defleppard. (and i like leg day @ the gym) now, i love A LOT of music… but def leppard is one of the few bands that live in rarified air for me. top tier greatness. so @bettygoo (he is a HUGE DL fan too) and i decided that we would… yep, you guessed it: RECORD AN ENTIRE E.P. OF DEF LEPPARD SONGS!! CAN I GET A 'HELLS YES'!!! the E.P. is called “Pyromattia” (get it?!) and it is out RIGHT NOW! so take it for a spin. live with it. love it. it’s my crazy-ass metal super nerd fan gift to you. - link in bio to stream/download - ps- it sounds REALLY great on headphones. (and you’ll feel invincible with them on… ha!) and stay tuned for a whole lot more info coming VERY VERY VERY SOONISH about my “you know what” that you have been waiting for since my last “you know what” (for those not good at hints, i’m talking about my new album).

“One of the few bands that live in rarified air for me, top tier greatness.” Yea, that sounds familiar. 

Matt's passion for singing and songwriting is nothing short of inspirational and contagious, something I truly believes is what defines an artist.

Sings His Sad Heart, a highly-anticipated album, comes out October 5th of this year and will feature what I predict to be powerful anecdotes, stories and messages that have been in the singer-songwriters head for those three years. He's already gifted his fans with three singles from the album including "Way Way Back," "Mine" and "Used To Be" and each of those give us a glimpse into the heart of gold Matt has inside him.

In addition to preparing for the release of Sings His Sad Heart, Matt is on tour with O.A.R. and will be making a stop in Cleveland on August 23rd. Based on the setlists from previous shows, it looks like he'll be not only bringing out some classics from early albums like Beneath These Fireworks and Some Mad Hope, but he'll also be performing songs from both Pyromattia and Sings His Sad Heart.

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Here's a glimpse at what his setlist might look like when he's at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica:

  • Giants (Show Me Your Fangs)
  • Mine (Sings His Sad Heart)
  • Run (Modern Love)
  • Laid (American Wedding soundtrack)
  • Way Way Back (Sings His Sad Heart)
  • Still (Some Mad Hope)
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me (Pyromattia)
  • Car Crash (Some Mad Hope)
  • Suspended (Beneath These Fireworks)
  • Used To Be (Sings His Sad Heart)
  • Headphones (Show Me Your Fangs)
  • Faster (Modern Love)
  • Kiss (Prince cover)
  • Come on Get Higher (Some Mad Hope)
  • You're the One That I Want (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John cover)
  • Under Pressure (Queen cover)
  • Little Victories (Beneath These Fireworks)

Tickets are still available for the show on August 23rd and, if you're anything like me, you'll be there with the biggest smile on your face.