My New Obsession: Cat Eye Manicures

July 31, 2018

Let me start off by saying this: I am far from girly. I bite my nails, I wear polish until it has chipped all the way off and nine times out of ten my hands are covered in some sort of cheese dust. 

I recently started getting regular manicures to help me look a bit more, well, professional. Sure, typing on the keyboard can be a pain in the butt the longer they get, but having nicely polished nails makes me feel very confident, a definite bonus.

Typically I'll go for a dark shade -- yes, even black -- because while it's dressy, it doesn't come off as too girly. I'm plain and simple, what can I say?

Last night I visited my local salon and was looking for the perfect shade of silver or purple to go with a bridesmaids dress I have to wear in my best friend's wedding this Friday. Purple? Eh, not my style. Silver? A little too flashy for me. Grey? The darker the better. I had the perfect dark shade of grey picked out and was ready to give it to my technician when I stumbled across a new color card titled "cat eye." 

Being the dog person that I am, I was almost pretty quick to toss it aside until the light's reflection on one of the colors literally hit me in the eyes and made me stop and look a bit closer.

Oh my goodness were the colors beautiful! Just like the literal eyes of cats, this style nail reflects light which allows your nails to look differently from every POV. From what I gathered, the polish that is used on this style manicure has magnetic pieces in it and technicians use an actual magnet during the drying process to give it that special look.

I went with a shade of silver and while has a little bit more of a POP than my go-to choices, I am obsessed. Check 'em out!

Apparently this manicure trend gained popularity early in 2018 but, as per usual, I am late to the party. Better late than never, am I right?

According to ELLE, back in March, Pinterest reported that saves for Cat Eye Manicures had increased by a whopping 792% and basically took over Instagram, garnering well over 50K hashtags (some examples below).

Have you tried this trend? What colors have you gotten? Will you do it again?

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