The Ultimate Back To School List

July 31, 2018
school supplies

Remember when we were just starting summer vacation? Seriously, it feels like it was just yesterday. However, here we are, ringing in the beginning of August and cramming in all of the last-minute summer activities while preparing for the start of another school year.

Heading to Target to tackle your supply list? We have you covered.

  • Pencil box - trust me, this will keep your child organized... well, let's hope
  • Crayons - how much fun did you have as a kid with your crayons? Bonus points if it comes with a sharpener
  • Subtle deodorant - Thank goodness for these brands who have started to create deodorant in cute holders... send these with your kids because we all know that smelly isn't cool
  • Colored pencils - I am not sure this is necessary but you want them to have options
  • Gum - Let them start their year off by offering breath-savers to the smelly kids
  • No. 2 pencils - The use for these will cease eventually, but it is better to teach old habits
  • Ballpoint pens - They better get used to these
  • Bulk Ziploc bags - Wave money buy packing leftovers
  • Glue sticks - I am 33 years old and I still keep these handy
  • Ruler - I use this more now than I did when I was a kid... and, like I said, I am 33.
  • Tape - Get a pack of tape for a discounted rate and your kid will be so popular... seriously, tape goes a long way
  • Blunt-tipped scissors - Get them something safe and, if they are on sale, get a few pairs. Christmas season is upon us and you know the drill..
  • Folders - Let the kids pick them out... this part is exciting for them
  • Construction paper - Let their creative side shine... or not (sorry mom)
  • Wide-ruled notebook or pad - Again, let them pick the cover
  • Index cards - Actually, hold on off these... they might be a waste
  • Tissues - Only if asked! get a cute box, trust me!
  • Tampons/Pads - Even if your daughter hasn't hit that milestone yet, it wouldn't hurt to send her to school with preparation. You never know when it will happen AND she can also be the nice friend who gives them out to her friends in need