Our Favorite Things About Baseball Season

April 5, 2018

The Cleveland Indians Home Opener may just be our favorite day of the whole year. We asked the team at Star 102 some questions about baseball season and here's what they had to say:

What are you looking forward to most about baseball season?

Tim: Baseball season usually means fantastic weather! I’m looking forward to that...
Westfield: Warm weather!
Desiray: Warm weather!
Glenn: Baseball season has always been a rebirth of hope and excitement in Cleveland sports.  I enjoy the positivity that everyone exhibits.  Everyone wearing team colors, high-fiving random strangers, going to noon games because the ballpark is so accessible, and seeing people enjoying all the establishments in and around Progressive Field  
Michelle: It's the unofficial start of spring/summer!

What’s your favorite part about the Home Opener?

Tim: The pregame festivities... definitely
Westfield: Getting together with freinds and other excited fans to celebrate!
Desiray: I'm off work ;)
Glenn: It's a Cleveland Holiday, need I say more?  I love getting there early, checking out the area outside Progressive, seeing the bands, families taking their kids to their first game.  My only wish is that I could dress like it's a baseball game instead of a football game. 
Michelle: Apparently shoveling snow...

What's your favorite ballpark snack/drink?

Tim: Gimmie a few dollar dogs, and I’m good to go. Although, I really wanna try the pulled pork sandwich with the flaming hot Cheetos.
Westfield: NACHOS! Extra jalapenos, please!
Desiray: The beer!
Glenn: Nachos with extra jalapenos.  So many great choices, but I have dreams about the nachos. Now you have me thinking about the nachos...
Michelle: Peanuts and beer!

Who is your favorite baseball player – current or of all time?

Tim: Brook Jacoby or Alex Cole’s glasses (you might need to look them up)
Westfield: The hottest one... ::insert shrug emoji here::
Desiray: ...I couldn't name one if I tried.
Glenn: Joe Charboneau.  I was always jealous of his hair
Michelle: Easy... Mr. Francisco Lindor!