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More Americans Are Opting for "Micro-Vacations", Smaller Trips and Vacations

June 4, 2019

Yahoo Finace revealed that more people are taking shorter trips to satisfy their time out of the office.

Allianz Global Assistance found that 57% of Americans didn’t take a leisure trip that was more than four nights in the last year. What’s more, 18% of Americans say their longest vacation was only three to four nights, while 11% said they didn’t take a trip that constituted more than one or two nights.

Younger age groups are more likely to takes 'micro-vacations'; 72% of Millennials took at least one micro-vacation compared to 69% of Gen X'ers and 60% of Baby Boomers. 

25% of folks, say they took at least three micro-cations last year, with that number going up to 29% for Millennials.

32% of people say it’s easier to take off from work for shorter periods of time, while 19% say they didn’t want to spend money on a longer trip.

It looks like Producer Matt's three-day weekend vacation strategy is on point.