Star-garitas For The Summer: Tart With Heart

It's a lemon cherry tart star-garita

July 24, 2018

Happy National Tequila Day! We got the perfect recipe for those who love a good TART drink! This will have your taste-buds screaming in pleasure for a very underrated part of the pallet. 

For the 8oz Wine Glass I used, here's the recipe:

1.5oz Tequila

.8oz Orange Curaco

1.5oz Ice 

3.5 oz of lemonade (or you can use sour or some other variety, perhaps even something like Sprite if you want to soften the tangy tartness)

A nice hunk of lemon, squeeze and then leave in to soak. (I used two for extra taste)

Dice anywhere from eight to twelve cherries, let them soak into the drink as well.

It looks like a sunrise, and goes down like a sunset. Enjoy y'all!