Star-garitas For The Summer: Orange You Glad You Had A Margarita

We're serving up the best kind of margaritas!

June 19, 2018

It's cooling down after that impossible heat, and you know what that means: icy margaritas are the way to go! The Orange You Glad You Had A Margarita is pretty simple, yet classic. Oranges and tequila go together like chips and carmalized onion dip! This marg has a pleasant aroma and will have you serving Napa Valley Tequila edition vibes. 

For the 8oz Wine Glass I used, here's the recipe:

1.5oz Tequila

.8oz Orange Curaco

1.5oz Ice 

3.5 oz of Sunny D (or you can use Orange Juice for a less sweet and more natural flavor)

A nice hunk of orange, or you can make small chunks from the orange

Another orange slice, or a large orange half for the class


This is perfect if you love the flavor of orange! If you don't well you can check out our first Star-garita, the Mintymelon. Or tune in next week ;)