Star-garitas For The Summer: Cherry Limemade Margarita!

We're serving up the best kind of margaritas!

June 26, 2018
cherry limeade margarita

Matt Hribar

This week's Star-garita For The Summer is the Cherry Limemade Margarita! Another straightforward classic, easy to do and tasty if you let that cherry soak with the tequila.

For the 8oz Wine Glass I used, here's the recipe:

1.5oz Tequila

.8oz Orange Curaco

1.5oz Ice 

1.25oz of cherry, sliced and de-pitted (very important, the cherry will soak a bit similar to a sangria and really drive that cherry flavor home. And if you're like me, you love eating the cherry as well!)

A nice hunk of lime, squeezed and then dropped into the bowl

2.5 oz of Limeade (or you can use lemonade in a pinch, they're very similar! If you want a less tart/sweet tast, then consider using a light sour mix or keep it minimal with the amount you enter).

The cherry and lime soak in together, while the orange of the Curaco gives it a bit of sweet edge to that intense tart flavor. 

Enjoy your Star Summer