Star-garita for the Summer: Easy Peasy Pina Colada Breezy

I'll take five good sir!

August 7, 2018

Coconut may be hit and miss, but it's always a hit with me! The Easy Peasy Pina Colada Breezy is a real good entry level into the world of pina coladas (Yes, there's a whole world). 



1 shot of Tequila (make it 2 for a more advanced Pina Colada)

1 shot of triple sec

a little bit of lime juice (not too much, just enough for a good tart smash)

fill (reasonably) with pina colada mix, or choose how weak/strong you want the taste 

add a pineapple slice for funsies


If you want, you can easily make this frozen with the proper blender. For another easy way to make it 'frozen', used shaved iced from the fridge!

Only a couple more Star-garitas left for the summer!