Scandalous Survey Finds Cleveland Low On The Top 20 Best Cities For St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!


March 7, 2019

We all love Cleveland even when the offical numbers say otherwise. Our beautiful city on the lake is #1 in our hearts. But there's some injustices, whether in surveys or polls, that cannot be ignored. And this new survey is one of them.

WalletHub came out with a list of the Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations. They took 200 U.S. cities and used 17 rubric standards like parade details, weather, parties, average beer prices and the amount of Irish pubs and restaurants per capita, 

Chicago came in first place. And I can deal with that: they dye the river green. That's impressive. We should be dying our river orange (@ City of Cleveland) to compete in the aquatic accessory category. I can deal with being behind Boston, as their population is most like like 60% Irish. 

But if you look down the list, we are TWELVTH? REALLY? How crazy is that? 

If you're not already emotionally damaged, here is the upsetting list below:

1) Chicago, IL

2) Philadelphia, PA

3) Madison, WI

4) Boston, MA

5) Tampa, FL

6) Naperville, IL

7) New York, NY

8) Pittsburgh, PA

9) Rockford, IL

10) Dayton, OH

11) Milwaukee, WI

12) Cleveland, OH  (WHAT? 12th Place?!)

13) Minneapolis, MN

14) Buffalo, NY

15) Omaha, NE

16) Cedar Rapids, IA

17) Rochester, NY

18) St. Louis, MO

19) Overland Park, KS

20) St. Paul, MN

Here's the link to the whole list here! I'm grabbing a bowl of Sheppard's Pie to make up for this scandalous survey.