Millennial Moment: Spicy Food Is The Way To Go!

Already burning my tounge

July 16, 2018
millennial moment

millennial moment


I didn't think of this until I read it over the weekend, but millennials apparently LOVE spicy food, more so then any other generation before us apparently.

Mintel released a report about millenials and their dining habits in 2016, and found millennials 'to be more adventurous with their palates, and seek out ethnic flavors like Chilean and Korean, as well as spicy peppers and flavors like jalapeños and chile de árbol'. 

And when it comes to condiments, it's Sriracha that ranks as the number one choice for milllenials!  According to Time's Money section, "Sriracha specifically is stocked in 9% of them—and in 16% of households headed by someone under age 35." Hot sauce in general is stocked in about half of American homes. 

Pretty crazy, but as a 23-year old dude, I gotta confess I have sriarcha barbeque and asian barbeque sauce in my fridge!