Millennial Moment: Interesting Trends In Where Millennial Are Opting To Move

Yeah, the title says it all!

August 20, 2018
millennial moment

millennial moment


The latest data is showing the Millennial homebuyers aren’t picking typical places to live. In fact, they’re looking for ‘outliers’: suburban towns which involve a longer travel to the city but have a lower cost of living, safety and affordable housing options.

The top cities which Millennials were shopping include Indiana, Pennsylvania (a hour away from Pittsburgh), Bay City, Michigan (outside of Flint) and Watertown, South Dakota (not far from Sioux Falls).

Millennials are looking for ’18-hour cities’. They don’t seem to care for the 24/7 culture of NY or LA, but places that still have nightlife, jobs and big-city benefits. These places include Aurora, Colorado, Greensboro North Carolina; Milwaukee, Detroit and Saint Paul. All five have an average resident younger or at the age of 24.

Another factor apparently will be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters. Simon Chen, CEO of ERA Real Estate has pinpointed the exact locations for where there could be growth. If Amazon H2Q opened in Austin, there would be growth in Dripping Springs, if it’s Denver, growth in Golden and if Amazon H2Q opened in Atlanta, there will be growth in Carrollton.