Millennial Moment: The Growing Act of Ghosting In The Workplace

Wow, I couldn't imagine doing this!

July 30, 2018
millennial moment

millennial moment


The term ghosting referrs usually to when a guy or girl stops texting, messaging or communicating in general with another person. Here's a good example: Rick and Susan are texting and go on a date. After the date, Rick doesn't hear from Susan ever again. Susan has thus 'ghosted' Rick.

Now ghosting is making its way into the professional workplace and apparently HR managers are very frustrated with this phenomenen. Why is it happening? It could be because there are better offers on the table. It could be because something else panned out. It could be due to certain people's worries with expressing bad news (like, "I'm leaving").

I don't think it's smart to ghost the workplace either for an interview or to just never come back to the job without some kind of heads up. I think it sets a pretty bad professional precedent. But, some people had different ways of looking at it. One twitter user explained there's clearly a double standards. If you can be fired at any moment by a company, then you can quit at any moment. It's interesting to say the least.

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