Millennial Moment: 86% of Millennials Would Consider Taking A Paycut to Work For A Company With Aligned Values

Millennial Moment w/ Matt

July 2, 2018
millennial moment

millennial moment


LinkedIn released a Workplace Culture report, and among the data shows that 86% (almost 9 out of 10) of millennials would consider taking a paycut to work with a company whose 'mission and values' go along with their personal creed and ideaology. Only 9% of Baby Boomers would do the same.

Across the board, 90% of all employees believe it matters on whether you are proud of your company. Employee happiness comes from companies which promote work-life balance and flexibility. 

Why would someone stay at their job for more then five years? Paid time off, parental leave and health insurance came on top of that list.

Check out LinkedIn's data and article here!