*LIST* The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019…So Far

I love seeing popular baby names lists!

April 16, 2019

Nameberry has collected the most popular baby names of the year (so far). Last year's winners, Olivia and Atticus, hold on in the Top 5. But this year, the penthouse spot at #1 (so far) belongs to Posie and Milo.

Posie is in the trend of 'vintage' and 'nature' names which have gained popularity, while Milo might be getting popular due to actor Milo Ventimiglia. 


2019’s Top Ten Girls Names So Far

1) Posie

2) Isla

3) Olivia

4) Aurora

5) Maeve

6) Cora

7) Amara

8) Ada

9) Amelia

10) Charlotte 


2019’s Top Ten Boys Names So Far

1) Milo

2) Jasper

3) Atticus

4) Theodore

5) Asher

6) Silas

7) Jack

8) Finn

9) Henry

10) Felix