Five Things To Know About Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Upcoming "A Star Is Born"

I cannot wait for this movie!

September 24, 2018

A Star Is Born is dropping on Friday, October 5th and we seriously cannot wait. If you haven't heard about it, or maybe you had, here are the hot facts to know! You can also check out photos from the Los Angeles Premiere here.

1. Bradley Cooper trained for years for this role! 

Yes, you read that right: Bradley spent two and a half years  prepping the film, finding the character he would play and practricing with musicians and his vocal coach. His end result: a little country, a little rock, a little gristle and a little pop chorus. When he sat down with Gaga she was blown away by Bradley's voice. And then they bonded over spaghetti. Here's Bradley talking about the process.

2. 19 original songs were made in preperation of this movie! 

How did we become blessed to have NINETEEN songs? I'm not so sure, but the tracklist includes Bradley's solo songs like the somber "Maybe It's Time" and the hard-rock "Black Eyes". Gaga has the piano ballads of "Always Remember Us This Way" and "I'll Never Love Again" (I'll Never Love Again apparently is a show-stopper). Of course Gaga's character has the pop music, and together they have some duets like the already previewed 'Shallow', 'Music To My Eyes" and "I Don't Know What Love Means". Here's the whole tracklist below.

3. Dave Chapelle and Sam Elliot are both supporting actors in the film

Two legendary actors makes appearences, both excelling in their own way. Sam Elliot plays Bradley's brother, agent and rival while Dave Chapelle plays Cooper's best friend. Here's some sneak peaks on both of them:

4. It's certified fresh and there's plenty of award-buzz about the film! 

A Star Is Born has a 95% on Rotten Romatoes, which means it's fresh. And there is so much Oscar buzz with the movie too. By next February, it will be a huge contender for all your favorite award shows! 

5. We are getting some pop music, although it's not the Lady Gaga you know of...

Of course for you pop music lovers, there will be some pop bops! But Gaga herself admitted it was a new territory. She was trying to create a pop image for her character Ally. From what we've heard songs like "Heal Me" and "Why Did You Do That?" have R&B early 2000s pop sounds with her falsetto climbing over punchy bass and synthy snaps. Here she is explaining the music behind Ally. 


Here's the official trailer if you haven't seen the trailer yet!