Felicity Huffman Sentenced To 14 Days In Prison

Updates on the college admission scandal

September 16, 2019

Paul Marotta / Stringer / Getty Images


Felicity Huffman will spend 14 days in jail due to her part in the massive college admissions scandal. She was fined 30k, recieved 250 hours of community service and an additional year of probation.

During her sentencing, Felicity apologized to her husband daughters: "I have inflicted more damage than I could've ever imagined."

"In terms of your moving forward and rehabilitation, move forward and rebuild your life after this," Judge Indira Talwani said. "You paid your dues."

Huffman will surrender herself to a federal lockup on October 25th. 

Looking at the figures,15 parents including Huffman, plead guilty to the crimes, while 19 others are fighting the charges, that figure includes Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli.

With Felicity recieving jail time, apparently Lori Loughlin is even MORE eager to not meet that fate. Someone close to Lori said, “Her only move now is to take this to court and to prove that she is not guilty of what she’s charged with. She’s scared and upset, but she’s resolved to be strong and to fight this.”

With the charges of conspiracy, money laundering and fraud, the jail time possibility is real! And being accused on paying a half million to get TWO daughters into the University ogf Southern California, she's in a much more serious position than Felicity Huffman.