Easy Workout Wednesday: Calf Raises!

Raise those legs ladies and gents!

July 18, 2018

So it's sometimes hard to commit to the gym or otherwise meet your workout goals. But on Easy Workout Wednesdays, we're cooking up suggestions on how you can workout even if you can't go to the gym or put on your gym clothes.

Calf Raises!! So easy to do while you're standing around or even while you're sitting at a desk. Calf raises are easy to do. You want your feet to be pretty even apart. Toes should point forward, but you can do inward/outward as well. Here's an example of a starting position!

You want to raise your heels off the floor while concentrating on the contraction of your calf. Hold that contraction for a quick moment, and then lower your heels. 

Do as many as you want, as many as you can or whenever you're free during the day! There's always time to squeeze an easy workout into the day!